Austrian Wine Tasting by Coach Austrian Wine Walking Tour

From Perlen des Wienerlieds (Available Here)

"If you have never tasted Austrian wines, now's the time to try them on our "Tours of Tastes". These unique tours will give every traveler a chance to taste wines from several wine regions of Austria.

Such as the Danube River Valley (Wachau) and the Kamp River Valley; the hills surrounding Vienna in the South; Vienna is the only capital in Europe that has vineyards within its city limits and such wonderful wines!! Let's not forget the Burgenland (Austria's most Eastern province).

You will be tasting whites and reds – Insider Tip: Grüner Veltliner, only grown in the Eastern Austrian wine regions; and Zweigelt, a unique red wine coming from the Burgenland.

As true foodies we at Herzerl Tours are convinced that the regional cuisines add a lot to the taste and the "nose" of the different wines.

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